Steve Tootell is an educator, internationally exhibiting ceramic artist and recording and performing musician. Many of Steve's exhibitions have funded humanitarian projects throughout the world. Over a long period of time Steve has personally donated over 35,000 dollars to organizations he has worked closely with such as: Feed The Children, Skateistan, SEEDS Nepal, World Wildlife Fund, Artists Without Borders, Friends For Street Children (Vietnam), Joseph Curiale Foundation, World Childrens Fund Japan,Tun Channareth Land Mine Victims Cambodia, Kids Earth Fund Vietnam,Thailand,Sanya Shelter Ueno,Swaminathan Foundation India and many more.

He is ostensibly an art educator and is fortunate to be able to draw on a wealth of international mentors and technical experiences that can enliven his multi-media teaching space where nothing is impossible so long as it fuels the principals of 2D and 3D design from a practical or aesthetic standpoint.

Despite being a true craftsman, Steve's design, production and presentation is seated in the very latest digital technology.